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April 27th, 2017

Beating Pregnancy-Related Pain with a Maternity Support Brace

Manage back pain with a back brace

Although you couldn’t be more excited for your little one to finally enter the world, you’re not exactly over the moon about the stiff back and sore hips that come along with pregnancy. And although staying active is an important way to keep your body strong, did you also know that you can use a maternity support brace to decrease pain and make your pregnancy just that much easier?

Brace Yourself for Pain Relief

Did you know that the average woman gains anywhere from 25-40 pounds during pregnancy? And most of this added weight ends up in the front-mid section where it ends up causing a lot of pressure on the spine, lower back, and lower extremities. Swollen ankles, sore hips, and a sore back seem to be part and parcel of the pregnancy experience.

Using a maternity support brace can help relieve some of your pregnancy pain by taking the pressure off of your lower back and distributing it evenly across your abdomen and entire back. And with pressure more evenly distributed, it won’t feel like you’re trying to balance a sack of potatoes on your stomach all day.

Sitting Pretty with a Maternity Brace

It can be all too easy to let good posture slip when you’re trying not to fall over from the weight of the small human being growing inside of you. But although you may be tempted to slouch or lean forward for counterbalance, it’s important to maintain good posture to keep your spine and back strong. A maternity support brace will help you maintain good posture and reduce the pain that can be a product of overextending your back.

Maternity Braces to Support Your Exercise Routine

Just climbing the stairs these days is liable to break you out in a sweat, so the last thing you want to attempt is formal exercise. But, staying active is important and you want to maintain healthy muscle tone and decrease your risk for a number of pregnancy-related conditions including depression and diabetes. Luckily, using a maternity support brace can provide additional support and comfort during these activities.

Avoiding Postpartum Troubles with a Maternity Brace

After giving birth to your bundle of joy, you may experience a weak core, muscles, and ligaments. Just when you need additional strength and endurance to take care of the newest addition to your family, you will find that using a maternity support brace can provide the support you need during this critical time in your baby’s growth and development.

Overall, if you are pregnant and had thought that you simply had to put up with pain and soreness then consider a maternity support brace as a safe option that can make your pregnancy that much more enjoyable. If you are looking for a reliable and comfy maternity brace, head over to our online store to find your perfect fit!

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