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Blood Pressure Issues During Pregnancy
January 25th, 2016

Blood Pressure Issues During Pregnancy

Over the course of your pregnancy, your body will do some strange things. You’re growing another human being; how could it not? There are a few things that can cause mommies-to-be a lot of concern, and blood pressure issues during pregnancy is definitely one.

Preeclampsia, a growing issue during pregnancy, is when mom experiences consistent high blood pressure reading occurring after 20 weeks gestation (this usually go away after the birth of the baby). Preeclampsia is typically discovered during a prenatal appointment- which is one of many reasons it is so important to go to each of your prenatal visits as scheduled. This condition can be extremely dangerous for mother AND baby- it can prevent the baby from getting enough blood and oxygen, and if sever, can cause the mother to suffer from seizures, or harm the liver, kidney, or brain.

This condition seems to start because of the placenta not growing in the usual, deep blood vessels of the uterine wall but, experts do not know the exact cause. Blood pressure will go up in the third trimester for some women, and not all blood pressure increases are signs of major issues.

Before or early during your pregnancy, it is important to make your doctor aware of all health problems you may be facing so he or she can be ready to tackle any new onset of issues, or predict some thing that may go wrong. In the case of high blood pressure issues during pregnancy, mother and baby will be watched closely to make sure preeclampsia does not occur, and if it does, that it is address properly and promptly.

If severe enough, preeclampsia can cause a child to have to be delivered early and the baby may have to spend some time in the NICU to recover from a premature birth. If this happens, the mom may also be in hospital for a while, but will be able to visit their child in the NICU. If you’re facing this issue, and plan to breastfeed, you will likely end up needing to pump exclusively for the first few weeks or months.

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