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Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer
October 5th, 2015

Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer (skin cancer being the most common), and can occur in both men and women, but is far more common in women. Breast cancer forms in the cells of the breast- the breast consists of lobules, ducts, fatty and connective tissues. Cancer commonly forms in the milk producing ducts and glands, and sometimes (although rarely) forms in the fatty (or stromal) tissues, and the surrounding lymph nodes, such as the ones in your underarm.

Statistics show that a large number of women are waiting until their 20s and 30s to start a family. Research also shows that women who conceive their first child after 25 and have less than four children, are twice as likely to develop both types of breast cancer (in regards to tumors fueled by hormones).

These same studies in turn, show that women who breast feed cut the risk of developing breast cancer by a drastic amount, for both types of tumors (fueled or not fueled by hormones). Breastfeeding offers numerous benefits, however one of the most beneficial things breastfeeding can offer is the reduced risk of contracting breast cancer.

If you suspect you have cancer now, and are undergoing diagnostic treatment, you may wonder how this affects your breastfeeding. It is still safe to nurse while receiving treatment. It is even safe to nurse during radiation therapy; however, radiation therapy can decrease milk production in the breast that has had this treatment. It is important to note that it is not safe to breastfeed while you are doing isotope or chemotherapy. You must wait until these chemicals are well out of your body to breastfeed or provide your baby with your breast milk. If you would like to keep milk production up during isotope or chemo, try pumping (you will have to discard the pumped milk. This will allow your body to continue to produce breast milk while undergoing your treatment).

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While breastfeeding is proven to provide endless benefits for baby, it is great to know that breastfeeding can also lower your risk for developing breast cancer later on. With advances in technology, testing leading to earlier detection, and breastfeeding, the survival rate for breast cancer is sky rocketing.

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