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Can Breastfeeding Make Your Baby Smarter?
August 7th, 2015

Can Breastfeeding Make Your Baby Smarter?

According to a February 2014 online publication by Science Daily entitled, Why breastfed babies are so smart:  Moms who breastfeed are often responsive and read to their babies, babies who are breastfed consistently have higher IQ scores.  School performance is also better among children who were breastfed as opposed to those children who were not. So is it true that breastfeeding can actually make your child smarter?

The aforementioned article references a study conducted by sociologists at Brigham Young University which addresses the culprit as to why breastfed babies are so smart, two parenting skills:  responsiveness to children’s emotional cues and reading to children as early as nine months of age.  Exhibiting these two skills can boost brain development two to three months ahead of children who do not receive similar interactions by four years of age.  The particular study utilized a national data set that followed 7,500 mothers and their children from birth to age five.  The data set possessed details regarding the home environment and the initiation and frequency in which reading to children occurred.

The data also involved video-taped sessions where the child was charged with completing a challenging task, and the mother’s supportiveness and sensitivity to the child’s emotional cues were measured.  It turns out that those children who received emotional support coupled with exposure to reading were also those children who were breastfed for the duration of six months or more.  According to researchers from this particular study breast milk provides other health advantages that remain unparalleled, but the best advocate for cultivating intellectual advancement is parental investment.

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