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stress and breastfeeding
September 15th, 2016

Does Stress Affect Breastfeeding?

Motherhood can be stressful. Keeping up with your infant, making sure everything is organized and finding time to relax might seem far fetched! Finding ways to relax and de-stress is great for you and baby, especially if you are breast pumping. We list some helpful techniques and tips to help you navigate life with new baby.

Find a Quiet Place

If moms get too stressed, there is the chance for milk supply to dwindle temporarily. Let down can become inhibited as a protective mechanism. Though this isn’t extremely common, it doesn’t hurt mom to find ways to relax and find time to unwind from daily stressors. Finding a quiet place to pump, or just taking a moment to breathe will help boost your spirits and your milk supply!

Sights, smells, and emotions can all trigger let down — whether these are negative or positive. Previously, moms have used special techniques to help curve the triggers. Finding a location to pump or feed that is comfortable and safe is important. Distractions can cause focus to shift, and moms need this time to sit, focus on their position and milk supply. Recently, a mobile app called Moms Pump Here came on the market. The app helps moms find quiet, safe places to pump. Utilizing the advice of other moms is a great way to take some of the pressure off.

Massaging the breast prior to pumping will also help relax and stimulate milk flow. Reverse Pressure Softening (RPS) helps promote letdown. RPS stimulates the nerves under the areola which triggers the milk reflex, pulling milk towards the nipple. Some women carry a piece of their baby’s clothes they have worn, listen to cries on recording, or looking at a picture of them while pumping. Emotional connections stimulate milk release.

Ask For Help!

While pumping, have someone rub your shoulders and neck. This will help you relax (triggers oxytocin) which will help with milk ejection. Stay hydrated and drink water during sessions. Moms have been known to sip on water while pumping— this aids with initiating let down as a conditioned response. Pay attention to your position while pumping. Sit in an up-right position. This will help secure the pump around the nipple and help keep your focus! Use a soft pillow while you breastfeed to get support and stay comfortable — the Boppy pillow is a favorite among moms!

If you need help managing stress, try reaching out to a counselor. It’s never a bad thing to seek out help; it can only make things better. Reach out to family and friends — talking about what is stressful can help. You might find many are feeling the same way, and can even get some helpful tips that you hadn’t thought of yet.

Meet with a lactation consultant. Their main interest is to make sure everything is going well for mom and baby during breastfeeding and breast pumping. Eating well and exercising help keep stress levels down. Also, a magnesium supplement might aid with ridding your body of stress-like symptoms (something to talk to your doctor about).

Focus on the Positives

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