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June 2nd, 2015

Heating Up Your Breast Milk

Did you know there is a recommended method for heating up breast milk?  It’s true.  Just as there is a correct way to store breast milk, there is also a proper way to serve it to your baby.

Heating up breast milk improperly can cause “hot spots” in the milk which could burn your baby’s mouth.  It is best to steer clear of using a microwave to heat up breast milk and instead opt to heat it on the stove top or in hot water.  Overheating and microwaving breast milk can ruin the nutritional value of it.  Make sure you are being attentive during the heating process so that any boiling or overflow can be prevented.

Depending on whether or not the stored milk is frozen or refrigerated will determine how you will heat it up. But how do you know whether to freeze or refrigerate your milk? If you are not planning to use the milk within 1-3 days, then it is best to freeze it for use at a later time.  Once you decide to use the frozen milk, you can simply set it in the refrigerator to thaw out overnight.  If you need to use the frozen milk immediately, you can run the milk directly under hot water or place frozen bottles or storage bags in a bowl full of hot water until thawed.  When it comes to heating up refrigerated milk, the same rule can be used: run it under warm water until it is the perfect temperature for your little one.

When it comes to determining the perfect bottle temperature for your baby, there are guidelines to follow. The age old rule of testing the temperature of the milk on the inside of your wrist is a foolproof way to test the heat of milk. DO NOT use your finger or your mouth to test the milk’s temperature; your hands and mouth are full of bacteria that can be harmful to your baby.

Properly heating up breast milk is easy. Just make sure to follow our tips above.

Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or incorporating both, the time will come when you need a breast pump. Having a breast pump allows you the freedom of storing milk for occasions when you may not be around.  It allows you free time to hit the town with your hubby or make a quick trip to the grocery store.

Breast pumps are convenient, easy, and in many cases FREE under the Affordable Care Act.  Thanks to recent healthcare reform, most insurance plans will cover the cost of an electric breast pump and many will also pay for breastfeeding supplies. Our Qualify Through Insurance form is just a few clicks away and is your first and only step to finding out if you are eligible for a breast pump.  Aeroflow Breastpump’s team of Breastpump Specialists are waiting to verify your benefits and see if you are one of the thousands of mothers around the country getting their breast pump shipped right to their front door. If you need immediate assistance, give us a call at (844)867-9890.  We look forward to assisting you!


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