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tummy time
March 10th, 2016

Importance of Tummy Time

Every parent wants to make sure their baby develops properly, and to do so it is important to incorporate tummy time into the picture. Tummy time is exactly what it sounds like; it’s setting aside some time during the day for you to lay baby on their tummy (supervised, of course!). Not only does it help strengthen baby’s back, arms, neck, and legs, but it also keeps your little one from acquiring a flat spot on the back of their head.

Since tummy time also helps build muscles, it prepares your new infant for the next important developmental stages, like rolling over, crawling, and even walking!  While some experts recommend tummy time schedules such as three to five minute sessions everyday for a 2 month old, many mommy relatives and friends have said that it is best to fit tummy time in when your schedule allows.

The best instances to allow for tummy time may be after changing a diaper, or when you are enjoying a good book or movie with your partner. In the beginning, try getting baby level on the floor as it will help them feel safe and secure.  Smile, clap, and interact too!  AeroflowMomandBaby.com even carries a Boppy support pillow that is perfect for tummy time! Most important rule to keep in place is never to leave baby unsupervised. Also, keep in mind that baby may not be a huge fan of tummy time at first, so you try smaller intervals. Eventually your little one will become accustomed to it and possibly enjoy it!

All moms want the best for their baby and there is nothing like providing the perfect nutrients for baby’s development like breastfeeding. The vitamins and nutrients that breast milk offers far outweigh any other alternative to feeding your baby. The journey of breastfeeding can also be made a lot easier with an electric breast pump. Whether you exclusively pump or need it “here and there”, an electric breast pump allows you to store milk for bottle feeding moments that allows your partner to feed baby, creating that special bond.

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