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February 3rd, 2016

Is an Epidural Right for You?

You’ll be faced with so many decisions over the course of parenthood, beginning with pregnancy and childbirth. Everyone you encounter will have an opinion to weigh in on these decisions, but at the end of it all, your research will dictate what works best for your family. One of the important decisions you’ll make regarding childbirth is whether or not an epidural is right for you. This article explores epidurals, and will answer a few questions about the procedure.

So what exactly is an epidural? An epidural is a continuous method of pain relief provided to the lower part of your body. This method of pain control allows the patient to stay conscious; an epidural relieves pain without blocking sensation from the area totally.

Is an epidural safe for mom and baby? Epidurals can be of differing strengths- for a c-section, you would need a “motor block”, which can totally numb the lower body and prevent movement. For labor, you would get a lesser epidural (the strength of drugs used would be lesser). These are commonly referred to as a “walking epidural”, because the recipient is able to walk and move, and does have some sensation or even a little pain in the affected area. These have been proven safe as long as the injections are done properly, and no conclusive lasting negative effects found for mother or baby.

Some women will not want an epidural or pain control of any kind, and some women will want to feel as little pain as possible- both are perfectly fine! All people are different and have different wants and expectations of their deliveries. Natural childbirth can be beautiful, but is not for everyone, and some mommies don’t have a choice.  It is important to take people’s opinions and judgments with a proverbial ‘grain of salt’- you ultimately are in control, and know what is best for your family. An epidural, c-section, or baby who must spend time in the NICU does not mean you will lose time bonding with your child- it just means you will bond in a different way. Every moth-baby bond is special in its own way.

Your decisions will go on long into parenthood. One of the best decisions you can make after birth is to breastfeed, even if it is just for the first few weeks (so baby can receive colostrum, a fundamental part of building the child’s immune system). Not all mommies will be able to breast-feed off the bat, and may need a breast pump– you may need one if you continue breastfeeding and will be on-the-go or need assistance increasing milk supply. And best of all – you could receive a breast pump at little-to-no cost through your insurance.

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