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labor fears
February 11th, 2016

Labor Fears: What Are You Nervous About?

If you are a first time mom like me, then you may be have thought of some labor fears.  I have gotten so used to being pregnant, but all it takes is seeing a terrifying picture on the Internet or a horror story from another mother on a blog to make me remember that I will actually be pushing this little human out in only a couple more months.  I will admit I can be dramatic at times and these hormones have made me a little “coo coo”, but I do not think it is irrational to have some labor fears.

For many mothers reading this it might not be your first rodeo but you still may be a little scared.  Many mothers claim that sometimes holding your baby for the first time and looking into his eyes makes you immediately forget all the pain you went through.  If that is true then many moms in their second, third, or fourth pregnancy might not remember what labor is like.

So the question is what should you really be afraid of?  The first thought that comes to mind for me is the physical pain of labor. What if I can’t bear it?  Thankfully our bodies were made to do this and plus, think of the millions of women that have already done it.  P.S.-There is such thing as pain medication…hello? Epidural!  Yes, there are both benefits and risk when you go this route but that is something your doctor can guide you through. There are also other options to help with the pain, like a water birth. Ask your doctor to see what the best plan is for you!

Another valid fear regarding labor is the possibility of having a cesarean section (or c-section).  It is a possibly and it is reassuring to know that about 32% of all births are c-sections.  That means it is an extremely common procedure and plus doctors are very familiar with this operation.  Be sure you’re comfortable with the medical group you have chosen so you can fully trust them to do their job. Do your research and be prepared.  If you are like me and watch some of those super staged television shows that involve a woman screaming her head off having her baby in the car, then it’s possible you might be afraid of having the baby before you can make it to the hospital.  While it can certainly happen, the situation is not likely.  Listen to what your body is telling you and contact your doctor when it’s “Go Time”. Watch your contractions and have that hospital bag packed as you near your due date.

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