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Talking / reading to your bump during pregnancy
June 30th, 2015

Talking /Reading to your Bump During Pregnancy

Ever wonder if talking or reading to your bump during pregnancy is beneficial?  Well according to an online web publication by Beth Skwarecki, it just may be.

Research shows that a developing baby inside a mother’s womb can hear sounds from the outside world and understand them well enough to remember them after birth.  The sound-processing parts of the brain become active in the third trimester of pregnancy and according to cognitive neuroscientist, Eino Partanen, it is heard by an unborn child similar to placing your hand of your mouth and speaking.

A study from 1988 found that newborns recognized the theme song from their mother’s favorite soap opera, and more recent studies show that babies are privy to their native language and display unfamiliarity to foreign tongues.  Expectant moms were selected as participants in a study where a made up word was heard almost 25,000 times by unborn children before delivery.  The infants receiving the aforementioned word exposure displayed recognition of the word after birth, while infants in a control group did not.  The recognition of the pseudo-word was displayed through neural signals projected by infants participating in the study receiving the word exposure.

The data from the study suggests that language learning does in fact begin in the womb.  However, the research is still unclear as to how beneficial the auditory stimulation may be.  Other evidence shows that soothing speech and reading to your bump is quite beneficial and promotes bonding between mother and baby.  However, expectant mothers should avoid too much noise as it can disrupt your baby’s sleeping pattern.  Expectant mothers should also avoid loud speakers too close to the belly which might overstimulate the fetal ear and developing brain.

Research more firmly suggests that breast milk supports brain development among babies when provided exclusively for the first six months of life and along with solid foods up to at least one year of age.  Having the support of a double electric breast pump has helped sustain mothers’ commitment to full term breastfeeding especially when separation of mom and baby occurs.

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