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Taming Those Pregnancy Hormones
September 21st, 2015

Taming Your Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnancy definitely puts your hormones off kilter, which can add a little stress and confusion to your experience. While this is the body’s natural reaction to creating another life, there are certain things you can do to help combat the hormone driven highs and lows.

Suffering from morning sickness? A rush of HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin), may be to blame. A surge of this hormone is present during the first trimester of your pregnancy, and doctors say it can add to your feelings of nausea. This hormone is produced by the new lining of cells in your placenta (shortly after your egg implants) and stimulates your body to produce more estrogen and progesterone.

This increase in estrogen, as we all can, can make us a little weepy- if not angry, tired, or irate. Estrogen isn’t all bad; it plays a key role in helping to regulate moods as well. This sudden onset of estrogen may have you feeling a bit out of whack.

Studies show that if you have a history of depression, anxiety, PMS or past post-partum depression, your hormones are likely to be more skewed.  Trying to take note of signs and symptoms before a potential crash can help you to relax and cope before things get unmanageable. Try taking a brisk walk, a nap, drinking a glass of water, or reading a little. These activities can distract you, pace your heart, and steady your breathing, which in turn, helps clear your mind.

Tips to beat these symptoms include:

  • Exercise (as much as your doctor recommends)
  • Plenty of fluid intake
  • A healthy diet
  • Regular and adequate sleep
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Talking with a friend
  • Sometimes, medication (when prescribed by a doctor)

The hormonal changes do not end with pregnancy- but do get better. Once your baby is born, and even during labor, you will produce oxytocin- the “bonding hormone”. This hormone is produced especially during breast feeding (or pumping), and helps promote bonding between mother and baby. If you’re looking to breast feed or pump, Aeroflow Breastpumps offers a wide variety of supplies at competitive pricing, and these supplies may also be available to you at little-to-no cost through insurance.

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If the steps recommended above don’t help, or you feel things are out of control, seek advice from your health care professional. All the hormones at work in your body may seem like they’re making you miserable, but it’s all a part of creating your wonderful new addition, and won’t last long!

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